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10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

Lake Spotted, Canada
Lake Spotted, Canada © m0.i.pbase.com

Resort.id – 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World. Beaches, beaches and beaches, that’s all if a traveler goes on a tour of the waters. Even though there are many other traveling spots that are no less exciting. This is one of them, both scented with water and can also do activities like on the beach such as sailing to diving and the place is named a lake.

Lake can be an interesting choice for traveling. Because only in the fund is stored unique stories about the process of formation to the mythical stories inherent in it. Here are 10 beautiful lakes in the world that should be used as a place of recreation, but some of them are quite dangerous to visit.

1Lake Spotted, Canada – Many Unique Spots of Lake

Lake Spotted, Canada © m0.i.pbase.com

Want to see a different lake? Go to Spotted Lake in the city of Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada. If the lake is usually in the form of a very large pool of water then it is different from this one lake. This lake is not too large in size but what is unique is the surface of the water that has a lot of spots. How could this happen?

Actually, the bottles that are clearly visible come from a very high mineral content which is mixed into one. These minerals include magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate and calcium. In total there are 8 types of minerals in this lake and four other elements such as silver and titanium. Cool is not it? Unfortunately around the lake area is now fenced tightly to prevent visitors from entering, because it is feared the mineral content in this lake will interfere with human health. But don’t worry, a traveler can still be free to look at this lake from outside the fence and take pictures.

2Lake Leitisvatn, Faroe Islands – Cool Lake on the Cliffs

Lake Leitisvatn, Faroe Islands

There is a cool lake in Denmark, precisely in the Faroe Islands. This lake is located on a cliff as high as 30 meters and below this lake there is a sea which is none other than the Atlantic ocean. So when viewed from afar it looks like multilevel water. Its name is Lake Leitisvatn which is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands with an area of ​​3.4 square kilometers.

The lake, which is located in two villages named Sorvagur and Midgavur, is indeed booming among tourists. This is because of its uniqueness and beauty. Many local and foreign tourists flock to come there to see first hand the natural wonders that are realized in the lake Leitisvatn. How about you, also interested to see it firsthand?

3Lake Merzbacher, Kyrgyzstan – Lake that Always Disappears Every Year

Lake Merzbacher, Kyrgyzstan ©dostuck.com.kg

Kyrgyzstan, a member of Central Asia which is rarely exposed to the media, especially in the field of tourism. There is no prominent tourist destination in this country, even though Kyrgyzstan keeps various natural beauty that is still a virgin. Here it is one of the natural beauty of the country, Lake Merzbacher whose water can disappear and appear mysteriously.

Lake Merzbacher, located in Ak-Su, Kyrgyzstan, has a mysterious natural phenomenon that is now well known to many. This lake contains water only in August alone, where the water that fills this lake comes from the frozen ice flow on the Enilchek Glacier and flows through the Enilchek River.

4Lake Nyos, Cameroon

Lake Nyos, Cameroon © wikimedia

Who would have thought if this beautiful lake surrounded by volcanoes had once claimed 1,746 lives. But this is a reality, Lake Nyos in Cameroon had once experienced an explosion of CO2 gas that spread throughout the lake water. This incident no doubt claimed many lives.

This unfortunate event occurred in 1986, when Lake Nyos experienced excess CO2 content. Actually it is very common if the crater lake has CO2 content but in this case the gas content has exceeded the limit until finally there was an explosion of poison gas. Thousands of residents around the lake were killed instantly in just one night. What a heartbreaking tragedy. Dare to go there?

5Ranu Kumbolo, Lumajang – Camp Place for Semeru Trekkers

Ranu Kumbolo, Lumajang © 3.bp.blogspot.com

A traveler who likes trekking certainly knows the existence of this lake. Its existence seems to be an oasis in the middle of a hot desert on a trekking route to Mahameru or the peak of Mount Semeru. The lake is located in Lumajang, East Java and is a climbing post for campers before continuing the journey to the summit.

This lake has natural beauty that is second to none. The most awaited time for climbers when camping in the lake area is when the sun comes in the morning. When the sun comes up from behind a hill and begins to illuminate the waters of Ranu Kumbolo which is covered in a thin fog will display the attraction of extraordinary beauty. Have you been there?

6Lake Kakaban, East Kalimantan – Lake with one million benign jellyfish

Lake Kakaban, East Kalimantan – Lake with one million benign jellyfish © kidangkanaka

There is something unique about Lake Kakaban in Berau, East Kalimantan. If usually the lake’s water is fresh, but this lake has brackish water. Not only that, the uniqueness of this lake continues to its inhabitants. There are millions of jellyfish living in this lake, but don’t be afraid because the jellyfish here are docile because they don’t sting. So tourists can swim with these soft animals.

Lake Kakaban is known to have a unique ecosystem. In this lake has 4 different types of jellyfish, including moon jellyfish, spotted jellyfish, box jellyfish, and upside down jellyfish. The jellyfish here don’t sting because they lose their ability due to the absence of enemies in their habitat. To be able to swim with them, a traveler must enter the water through the stairs provided. Travelers are prohibited from entering the lake by jumping because they can tear the body of a jellyfish.

7Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan – There is a Forest inside this Lake

Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan – There is a Forest inside this Lake © panoramio

There is a forest in the lake, don’t you believe? Just come to the Tian Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan, there is a lake named Kaindy where in the lake there is dead gutan but the branches and leaves of the trees are still preserved until now. This incident began in 1911 when Kazakhstan was rocked by a large earthquake. The result was a landslide that caused a basin in one part of the Tian Shan Mountains. This basin has now become Lake Kaindy.

There is something unique about the lake formed by this earthquake, the bottom of the lake is filled with pine trees just like the surrounding landscape. The remnants of the tree are still intact and can be seen with the naked eye without having to dive because the water is very clear. The best time to visit is in the late spring to early fall.

8Lake Natron, Tanzania – This Lake Water Can Make Petrified Animals

Lake Natron, Tanzania – This Lake Water Can Make Petrified Animals © i.imgur.com

Every traveler will definitely prefer traveling to a crystal clear lake. But it is very common, try to come to Natron Lake. There you will find astonishing phenomena, there is a collection of birds and bats that are found petrified in this fund. What an astonishing sight. How do these animals become stones?

Although it can be visited, this lake is not safe, so a traveler can only see from a distance. The lake, which is located in the north of Tanzania and borders Kenya, only has a depth of 3 meters, but the water is very clear as glass, so many animals are tricked into the lake. Though this lake has a temperature of 140 degrees and contains Natron compounds.

9Lake Toba, North Sumatra – The Largest Volcanic Lake in Southeast Asia

Lake Toba, North Sumatra – The Largest Volcanic Lake in Southeast Asia © theeastparadise

Many people are already familiar with the name of this lake. The largest volcanic lake in Indonesia as well as the Southeast Asia has a very good view combined with the island of Samosir in the middle to make a masterpiece of nature that is so perfect. Lake Toba has long been a favorite tourist destination in North Sumatra Province.

It is estimated that this lake was formed from a supervolcano explosion or super volcano that occurred around 73-75 thousand years ago. As a result of the explosion not only caused mass extinction but also became the cause of the ice age. But now there are no more traces of that terrible tragedy that there are only natural scenes that are very tempting.

10Lake Kelimutu, NTT – Cool Three Color Lake

Lake Kelimutu, NTT – Cool Three Color Lake © theeastparadise

Do you still remember the picture in the 90s banknotes in the 5 thousand rupiah denomination? The appearance of this lake once adorned the means of payment in our country you know. Lake Kelimutu which is also known as a three-color lake because the color of this lake water can change from black, dark blue, and blue. Each color is believed to have its own meaning.

Actually Lake Kelimutu is a combination of three volcanic lakes in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. The lakes include Tiwu Ata Mbupu, Tiwu Ata Polo, and Tiwu Nuamuri Koofai. Each lake is said to be the place of the spirits of the parents, the spirits of the wicked and the spirits of young people. The traveler can enjoy the beauty of this lake by climbing as many as 236 steps. At the top of this mountain a traveler will be treated to a very exotic view of the sunrise. Have you been there?




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