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10 Way to Fun Travel Tips Even though It’s Rainy Season

Fun Travel Tips Even though It's Rainy Season
Fun Travel Tips Even though It's Rainy Season © theculturetrip

Resort – 10 Way to Fun Travel Tips Even though It’s Rainy Season. The rainy season has flushed most of Indonesia. Usually a lot of travelers who stop their traveling activities while waiting for friendly weather again. Even though there are still many friendly tourist destinations to visit during the rainy season. Certainly not open places like beaches and the like huh.

During the rainy season it’s a good idea to avoid open spots and everything related to water. For example, avoid rafting, or playing waves on the beach because it is very dangerous. But there are still spots out the door that can be an option with a note you have to ask for consideration at the local tour guide about its security. Here are tips for travelers who want to travel in the rainy season.

1The Rainy Season It’s Time to Soak in a Hot Spring

Tirta Husada hot spring, Pacitan © travelonfoto

The most enjoyable activities when it rains is staying in the room, pulling the blankets and sleeping again. But wait a minute, instead of staying quiet at home let alone when upset can make you more depressed, it helps you prepare combat equipment for traveling. Then where is the right destination for traveling?

Beaches and rivers are clearly unfriendly in the rainy season because it is certain that sea waves will be high and river currents are very swift. Now is the time to divert your destination by relaxing by bathing in a hot spring pool, it will be very exciting. Soaking in a pool of hot water accompanied by rain and cold will make the atmosphere more bite.

There are many hot springs in Indonesia that you can visit, including Ciater hot springs in Bandung, banyu wedang in Bali, Baturaden in Central Java, Cangar in Malang, or Tirta Husada in Pacitan and many more.

2Visit Places That Become More Beautiful If Visited During The Rainy Season

Rural areas become greener when the rainy season comes © greetings

When the sky begins to fill with a sea of ​​gray clouds that makes the world look even more gloomy in the rainy season, there are some places that actually show a blush. Try to vacation in a rural villa that offers beautiful natural scenery. Surrounded by tea gardens or looking at rice fields and fields that start to turn green will surely bring its own calm.

Or if you want something more challenging, the sensation of a waterfall during the rainy season will be more spectacular because of the abundant water discharge compared to during the dry season. But to enjoy the waterfall when it is raining it helps you ask a local tour guide about its safety.

3Explore the Culture and Heritage of the Country Through a Visit to the Museum

Go to the museum when it rains more fun © communitytable

Stop for a moment to explore the beauty of nature and move on to learn about the country’s cultural history and heritage by visiting the museum during the rainy season. The museum is a great place to spend a vacation in the rainy season because the place is in the room so that tourists will be protected from rain.

Who says visiting a museum is not fun, there we can expand our knowledge of the importance of history in our beloved country. Not only studying the history of the struggle of the heroes, but in the museum there are also antiques to fossils of living things in ancient times. Anyway, will not be bored deh traveled in the museum, instead it can increase knowledge as well.

4Spend more time hanging out in the cafe when it rains

Hang out in one of the cafe © farmagz

Coffee while snacking is very fitting to do when it rains. But if you enjoy it alone at home so it is not fun, take your traveling partner to visit your favorite cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee while chatting.

Many other things that can be done at a cafe, for example you can relax while browsing the internet looking for cool spots for your next trip with a note to find a cafe that provides free hot spots, yes. If the rain doesn’t stop for days then you can explore other unique cafes that you can use to hang out all morning and evening.

5Enjoy the lodging facilities that you rarely use

Enjoy the spa at the hotel © 3.bp.blogspot

If you have already left for the tourist destination of your dreams then it rains without stopping, of course you will be very disappointed because you are just trapped inside your inn. But that does not need to happen again, be a creative traveler. It means that if you usually stay in a hotel like a hotel, you only use it to rest, so now look for information on what facilities are offered by the hotel.

You can still enjoy your vacation in the hotel by enjoying a spa massage or swimming in your hotel stay. Usually many hotel facilities are rarely used by guests even though it can not be a fun alternative activity to treat your disappointment a little because you can’t go out of the room due to rain.

6Make Prepared Mature Before Traveling

Prepare travel equipment carefully © abcnews

Traveling when it rains, is tricky because it is certain that the burden of your equipment will increase. But that is not a big problem considering the importance of these items for ourselves.

During the rainy season, never remove a raincoat from our traveling bag because it will be very useful later. Choose clothes that are simple, like wearing shorts and also forget about wearing shoes for a moment because flip-flops will further assist your trip.

7Always Follow the Weather Forecast

Check Weather Forecast © cdn2-b.examiner

Maybe this method will help you to plan a little vacation. By monitoring the weather forecast reported by your local television station, you can find out about the weather conditions in the area where you are traveling.

Now access to see weather forecasts can also be easily obtained. Many gadged or sophisticated smartphones are equipped with weather forecasting applications so that the traveler can monitor the weather conditions at the destination.

8Go to a Travel Destination that Has Bright Weather

Look for a traveling location that has sunny weather © deviantart

When one area is raining, it is not certain that other regions also rain, even in one city, not all the regions are rained. Look to the sky and look for the direction where it looks bright, this is usually the way most travelers do. They will visit areas where the weather is sunny.

If you have excess funds, the choice for a vacation to the Middle East is a choice that you should try. We know that many Middle Eastern countries are very rarely rained so they can be the right choice as a vacation destination.

9Use the Time to Plan a Trip to Your Dream Destination

Plan your favorite traveling destination © Xyber Bites

Never laze around in the rain. Use your time to plan a trip to the place you dream of most. Because usually to achieve these goals you need to save first and plan the best possible trip.

Begin to look for information about your destination, such as security issues, customs, what is and is not allowed to be done there and things that can affect your trip. That way when you are no longer awkward and can enjoy traveling to the fullest.

10Sharpen the Skills that You Need During Traveling

Learn to snorkel or diving © static.wixstatic

To enjoy traveling does not only require physical excellence or a lot of funds. Imagine if you went on vacation to spots like the beach or mountains. There’s no way you will be quiet watching other people with pleasure swimming, snorkeling or trekking. Surely you also want to be involved in it right?

Now when the rainy season is the right time to hone the skills you might need while traveling. You can take swimming lessons, dive or snorkel in indoor swimming pools. So later when the rainy season is over, you will become more confident when going on vacation to these spots.

Those are some tips for enjoying traveling during the rainy season. Whatever the season, if we know how to get around and enjoy it, then our vacation will still be fun right?




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