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Revealed Reasons, Why Tourists Are Happy Holidays to Indonesia

Bedugul Temple, Bali
Bedugul Temple, Bali © thejakartapost

Resort & Destination – Revealed Reasons, Why Tourists Are Happy Holidays to Indonesia. Do you know why travelers make Indonesia their favorite destination for a vacation? In fact, not a few of them finally settled in Indonesia.

There are various reasons that make them feel at home in Indonesia during their vacation. The natural beauty of this country and the friendliness of the indigenous population are some of the small things that lie behind them at home.

But there are also some very unique reasons put forward by travelers who choose to vacation in Indonesia. Starting from being able to get a younger partner until because in Indonesia it is famous for its irregularities.

Well here is a complete review of the reasons travelers choose Indonesia as a tourist destination as well as their residence.

1Natural beauty that is unmatched

Raja Ampat Papua © Liveboard.com

The most fundamental reason for travelers who decide to choose Indonesia as their tourist destination is because of the natural beauty of this country compared to other countries. This is true, Indonesia has a vast territory and is divided into thousands of islands which have unmatched natural beauty that even the world recognizes.

The traveler generally likes to travel challenging, now Indonesia has many mountains, caves, forests, rivers, waterfalls, beaches and the seabed are all available here. Even more proud of almost all tourist spots in Indonesia naturally formed by nature and the conditions were still beautiful awake.

If you want to surf the traveler just choose the beach they like, there are sanur, kute or surfing on the river there is also, namely on the Kampar river. Compare with Singapore, for surfing alone the traveler must go to Sentosa Island, and even then the artificial waves are definitely less challenging.

2Friendly weather, the sun shines all year long!

Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake With new Volcano Baru Jari

This fact is very unique, it turns out that travelers who have been born since they have lived in a country that has winter does not like the cold. Lho? Yep, this is not a lie if the traveler also hates winter. The reason is trivial, winter limits their activities and makes it difficult for them to wear clothes at will.

Another case if in Indonesia, the sun will shine throughout the year. There is only the dry and rainy season and if the cold rainy season arrives it is still within reasonable limits. With this situation the traveler can at any time wear any clothes without fear of being cold. Their activities will be able to run smoothly without the disruption of a snowstorm.

3Indonesian People are Friendly and Easy to Smile

Indonesian People are Friendly and Easy to Smile © trekearth.com

The next reason for travelers choosing to vacation in Indonesia is because Indonesians are friendly and smiley. This is indeed true if the friendly and smiling nature has been inherited by the Indonesian people for generations. This is what makes a traveler at home on holiday in our country, they will feel more valued than in other countries where people are ignorant.

Indonesian People are Friendly and Cheap Smiles (c) cross me
Indonesian People are Friendly and Cheap Smiles (c) cross me
There is a parable that says the people of Indonesia, will definitely smile if invited to chat. Even traveler people assume that Indonesians always smile, greet and also shake hands with everyone they meet. You agree?

4Indonesia is a paradise for culinary connoisseurs

Indonesia is a paradise for culinary connoisseurs (foto tribun)

Indonesia is rich in culinary tourism. This can be proven from every region in this country that has its own special food. The unique thing is that despite being in the same country or region, the food tastes of each region are very different. So do not be surprised if Indonesia has a variety of dishes that are appetizing.

Even so travelers, many of them fall in love with Indonesian cuisine so they like to vacation here until someone decides to stay for a long time. Starting from rendang, warm to chicken betutu are some typical Indonesian food that is a favorite of travelers.

5Indonesians are the most tolerant of differences

Indonesians are the most tolerant of differences

Do not expect this attitude of tolerance will be obtained in other countries. If most countries are still plagued by problems surrounding racist action, in Indonesia such a thing is very difficult to find. Indonesians are known to be the most tolerant of differences. Whether it’s skin color, race, religion or caste will not be a mockery here.

This is what according to traveler makes Indonesia very exotic. With the diversity of tribes and cultures, Indonesian people can even unite, enrich, complement each other and display their own distinctiveness for this country. Our country is great

6Cheap Cost of Living in Indonesia

Cheap Cost of Living in Indonesia

Maybe the cost of traveling in Indonesia is still less expensive compared to other ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. However, traveler still choose Indonesia as their tourist destination by considering their low cost of living. The price of admission to the tourist area can be expensive, but the matter of living costs for Indonesia is a cheap winner.

The prices of goods, food and other necessities such as rental housing and vehicle prices in Indonesia are cheaper than in other countries even the cheapest in Southeast Asia you know. Especially for foreigners who pay dollars, the more happy they are on holiday in Indonesia because our currency exchange rate is far below them.

7While Vacationing and Looking Couple

Indonesian Girl

This is a unique reason and seems ridiculous, besides Traveler, they also have another destination to find a mate. We know that European and American countries are very less concerned about married life. They prefer to pursue a career to forget that they continue to age and do not have children. So it is not surprising that the number of old age population is more than the productive age.

Another case in Indonesia, this country is filled with energetic young blood. Old traveler who have difficulty getting a younger partner will easily find it here. Because only in old traveler can still get beautiful young women. Funny is not it?

8Indonesia is an Irregular Country

Indonesia is an Irregular Country

In their home country, most traveler live by strict rules. Starting from doing everything on time, even on the bus, riding the train, queuing to buy tickets to watch football, all of that is done with discipline.

Unlike in Indonesia, which is less organized in all aspects of life. Indonesian society seems to be far from disciplined when compared with traveler. But this turned out to be even favored by traveler, they said that regularity made them shackled and bored.

9Many Silly Things They Can Only Meet in Indonesia

Topeng Monyet

Some of the following ridiculous things are actually very annoying in our eyes but instead impress the traveler in Indonesia because they have never encountered this in their country. For example, if a vacation in Indonesia, traveler will be able to see people riding motorbikes while texting, not to mention seeing one motorbike filled with four people.

Another ridiculous thing that attracts traveler is that there are monkey masks, beggars, motorcycle taxis, to tailors around. Other unexpected things such as frequent power cuts and scheduled flight departures that suddenly delay also attract the attention of foreigners. These are the things that they only find in Indonesia and make their lives no longer monotonous.

10Public Services in Indonesia Are More Efficient Than Other Countries

Public Services in Indonesia Are More Efficient Than Other Countries

There is money on current affairs, that is the reason for Caucasians like to go on vacation and live in Indonesia. If in other countries it takes a long time to process important documents because they have to queue and so on, it doesn’t need to be done in Indonesia.

Some Caucasians claim public services in Indonesia are more efficient than other countries because the article is to “pay” a little more so the processing of a document can be completed faster. Maybe this is a silly and satirical reason for bureaucratic service in our country which is still effective with bribery.

That is the various reasons the Caucasians prefer Indonesia as a tourist destination as well as their residence. Are there Caucasians around you? If there is, try asking why they chose Indonesia then share your experience by writing it in the comments column.




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