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The Most Exciting Choice of Activities Enjoying Traveling in Karimun Jawa

Enjoy the Perfect Sunset Sensation at Ujung Gelam Beach
Enjoy the Perfect Sunset Sensation at Ujung Gelam Beach (c) 2.bp.blogspot

Resort.id – The Most Exciting Choice of Activities Enjoying Traveling in Karimun Jawa. Not a few local and foreign travelers who are attracted by the beauty of tourist destinations located in the north of Jepara, Central Java. This place has many islands with a variety of beautiful panoramic treats, you know. In total there are 27 islands that travelers can explore using ships.

This time we will review some exciting activities for a traveler to do when visiting Karimun Jawa. The problem is traveling to Karimun Jawa is arguably tricky. The traveler must understand what can be done while there. Here are some optional activities that a traveler can do.

1Play with Sharks in captivity

Play with Sharks in captivity (c) ensiklopediaindonesia

Karimun jawa is synonymous with the beauty of its beaches which offers a perfect sunset panorama. But before playing with beach sand, it’s a good idea to first visit the wildest captive breeding of animals on earth. It is located on Menjangan Besar Island, a captivity of marine life including sharks. Remarkably, a traveler can not only see it but they can swim with these sharks. Horrified indeed, but fun you know and certainly safe.

In captivity, besides sharks there is also a breeding ground for sea turtles and various marine biota. But what drew the most attention was of course the shark breeding pool. Although many travelers are scared, but not a few who are curious and finally plunged into the pool and swim with these tiny sharks. That way you no longer have to bother exploring the underwater world if you want to see sharks directly. The point is exciting, if you don’t believe it, prove it yourself.

2Explore the Karimun Jawa Exotic Underwater World by snorkeling

Explore the Karimun Jawa Exotic Underwater World by snorkeling (c) 3.bp.blogspot

Not satisfied playing with sharks? Continue your activities by snorkeling exploring the underwater world of Karimun Jawa which stores a variety of marine life. Snorkeling activities are activities that must be done if traveling to Karimun Jawa. The thing is this place is blessed with clear and blue waters. Even the status of this island is designated as a National Marine Park.

If you want to snorkel fun, sambangi Menjangan Besar Island, Menjangan Kecil Island, western part of Bengkoang Island, also Krakal Kecil Island and Twin Island. Those are the popular places to do this activity. There is no need to worry about transportation because the fishermen around are ready to offer trips to these islands.

3Enjoy the Perfect Sunset Sensation at Ujung Gelam Beach

Enjoy the Perfect Sunset Sensation at Ujung Gelam Beach (c) 2.bp.blogspot

This is a paradise for sunset hunters, the traveler whose hobby of photography captures the moment the sun begins to set will make Ujung Gelam Beach one of the destinations that must be visited while in Karimun Jawa. This beach is in the village of Alang-alang and a traveler cannot be told to Karimun Jawa if it hasn’t been stopped by this beach.

A very exotic beach, that’s the right word to describe the beauty of Ujung Gelam Beach. The characteristics of this beach has a sloping surface covered with a stretch of fine white sand and rows of coconut trees lined the edges. There are also rocks that adorn the seashore which further adds to the exoticism of the beach. One more thing, the sunset atmosphere at Ujung Gelam beach is one of the best in Karimun Jawa.

4Trekking to the Karimun Jawa Mangrove Forest

Trekking to the Karimun Jawa Mangrove Forest (c) stat.ks.kidsklik.com

Well, if all this time you have imagined about Karimun Jawa is a well-known spot for a marine tour, now wasting away those thoughts. Those who love adventure can also enjoy a vacation on this island by exploring the Mangrove forest. Maybe indeed not many people know if Karimun Jawa has an interesting Mangrove forest to explore.

Mangrove Forest in Karimun Jawa is located not far from the main ship dock. The distance is only about 2 kilometers and can be reached by motorcycle or on foot. For local tourists, the ticket price is quite affordable at only 2,500 rupiah. To start exploring in the Mangrove forest, the traveler can walk along the trekking track of twisted wooden planks along 2 kilometers.

By traveling through the forest with an area of ​​10.5 square kilometers, the traveler can free himself from all the fatigue due to daily routine. This trekking tour is opened every day starting at 8:00 until 17:00 WIB.

5Culinary Hunting in Karimun Jawa Square

Culinary Hunting in Karimun Jawa Square (c) rankga

After finishing with all the fun and challenging activities, the most delicious one is closed by enjoying Karimun Jawa’s special meal. It’s time to end the trip on this island with a happy culinary in Karimun Jawa square.

As an archipelago, Karimun Jawa is famous for its seafood dishes. In fact, this island is very well known as the biggest supplier of seafood on the island of Java. So don’t be surprised if almost all the stalls that are in the Karimun Jawa square offer a processed seafood menu. This menu is also a daily specialty of the island community. In this square the traveler’s tongue will be spoiled with a variety of processed fish, shrimp and squid offerings, whether they are burned or fried.

That is the fifth most exciting choice of activities that a traveler can do while on vacation in Karimun Jawa. What other reason is delaying you going to this exotic island? Plan your vacation immediately to Karimun Jawa.




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