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Wonderful Bunaken Beach In Indonesia

Wonderful Bunaken Beach In Indonesia
Wonderful Bunaken Beach In Indonesia

Resort.id – Wonderful Bunaken Beach In Indonesia. Well guys, this is my first time to write my idea in this blog.

Now, we’re gonna talk about one of the most beautiful panorama view which is located on my own lovely country, Indonesia.

People may only know Indonesia’s richness of natural beauty that embraces its land and sea from Bali only, but hold on, many other places in Indonesia also has no less attracting tourism spots than Bali.

One of them is Bunaken. Let me tell you briefly about this Wonderful Bunaken Beach In Indonesia

In Indonesia, there is a lot of natural places which are interesting for the tourists to visit and spend the times there.

If you wanna enjoy a beautiful calm view from a pretty beach, one of recommended places in Indonesia is Wonderful Bunaken Beach.

It’s always fun to spend holiday in such a pretty beach Bunaken Beach.

Why should be this place to consider? Here some important seasons you should know related to Wonderful Beach in Bunaken.

Bunaken is known as one of the most famous island which has a beautiful beach, nice diving and snorkeling area.

Bunaken is located around Manado Bay, in the north of Sulawesi.

To go to Bunaken, it will spend approximately thirty minutes by speed boat from Manado Harbor.

There have been many visitors from many countries who come to this island.

One of interesting things we can find in Bunaken sea is its biodiversity.

It is included as one of the highest biodiversity in the world. Bunaken sea is apparently filled by various species.

There are 12 diving spot found in Bunaken Island. The depth is up to 1.344 meter.

Many people likes to go diving in and snorkeling in this places.




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